Why Am I Bruising Easily? The Causes Explained

Bruises happen. You turn and stub your toe on the door or you hit your arm on the corner of the counter as you navigate through the kitchen. However, are you asking yourself, “Why am I bruising easily?” A bruise usually appears when blood gets trapped under the skin, and this usually happens because of … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Using IVs for Fluid Replacement

Dehydration is a common problem among Americans. As a matter of fact, studies show up to 75 percent of us are in varying levels of chronic dehydration. When dehydration reaches a certain point, however, medical attention becomes necessary and IV fluid replacement needs to be considered. How do you know if you need IV hydration, and what … Continued

5 Simple DIY Techniques of Splinter and Foreign Body Removal

Splinters can be painful and could cause infections and other health issues if they’re not removed quickly.  Everyone gets a splinter at some point. You’re doing something and suddenly – ow! Splinter removal is important so your body can start the healing process. But how can you retrieve a splinter without causing additional injury? In this article, … Continued