Most Common ATV Accidents and What to Do

It’s easy to get in an accident if you’re not careful when you’re out having fun whether you’re fishing or riding an ATV. People ride ATVs for a variety of reasons including farming. Farmers ride ATVs to tend to crops, take care of farmland, transport supplies and track livestock. Others enjoy 4 wheeling adventure for off-road fun and traveling through … Continued

Fishing Accidents: What to Do Next?

There’s nothing like taking the family (or yourself, for some “me time”) down to the water and fishing. Even as a relaxing pastime, though, things can go wrong. Many people worry about accidents while out hunting. Taking a boat out on the water can be risky, too. Although the number of boat-related fatalities and deaths, it’s … Continued

Hunting Accidents: What To Do Next?

Each year approximately 1,000 hunting accidents take place in the U.S. and Canada. While a majority of these are not fatal, they can still be serious injuries that require emergency medical care. Many hunting accidents occur when a hunter falls from a tree or impales themselves with hunting equipment. Here’s what to do if you … Continued