Fishing Accidents: What to Do Next?

There’s nothing like taking the family (or yourself, for some “me time”) down to the water and fishing. Even as a relaxing pastime, though, things can go wrong. Many people worry about accidents while out hunting. Taking a boat out on the water can be risky, too. Although the number of boat-related fatalities and deaths, it’s … Continued

How to Prevent Spring Allergies Before They Even Start

Does the thought of spring have you slamming windows shut and running for the Kleenex? If so, you are one of the 30% of people who suffer from spring allergies. If the thought of blooming flowers and warm temperatures fills you with dread instead of joy, read on. Oh, My Runny Nose: What Causes Spring … Continued

5 Telltale Signs You Have a UTI and Where to Find Help

Urinary tract infections are an incredibly common bacterial infection that affects both men and women. If you’ve never had a UTI before, then you may think something much more severe is going on.  After all, some of the signs you have a UTI include burning while urinating and fever. If left untreated, your UTI can … Continued

Hunting Accidents: What To Do Next?

Each year approximately 1,000 hunting accidents take place in the U.S. and Canada. While a majority of these are not fatal, they can still be serious injuries that require emergency medical care. Many hunting accidents occur when a hunter falls from a tree or impales themselves with hunting equipment. Here’s what to do if you … Continued